Thursday, March 16, 2017

SMS Ranger Privacy Policy

Respect your privacy becomes very important to us. We build applications really pay attention to user privacy principles.

"SMS Ranger" provides facilities for managing the delivery of SMS (Short Message Service). This Privacy Policy describes how "SMS Ranger" collect information and how this affects you.

Information You Provide
  • Your phonebook. You provide "SMS Ranger" the phone numbers in your mobile address book to a feature of "SMS Ranger". You confirm you are authorized to provide "SMS Ranger" such numbers.
  • Device location. You provide device location. You confirm you are authorized to provide "SMS Ranger" such information to a feature of "SMS Ranger".
We do not store the information you provide on our server or in another location outside of the "SMS Ranger". All the information you provide is used solely for the features "SMS Ranger".

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SMS Ranger

Perhaps for most people, SMS (Short Message Service) is obsolete. However, under certain circumstances, SMS is still very useful, or even the only solution. With the application "SMS Ranger", the SMS is not just SMS, how that SMS could be more useful. Broadcast, bomb, auto-reply, ping location (coming soon) and many more features that will continue to be developed.

Of course, as sophisticated and as much as any of the features of this application, is useless if not used due to lack of documentation and tutorials. Okay, let's begin to explore the potential of this application.

The first time that we have to recognize is the menu. Menu, accessible via the top left of the action bar as shown in the picture or you can also swipe to the right. As we can see in figure-1, there are several menu, projects, groups, outbox, settings and auto-reply.

Okay, we select the menu Project, which is shown in Figure-2. On the Project menu, we can make the project a broadcast group, the broadcast range and bomb, it is very easy, just press the button "Create New".

Then we will see a pop-up as shown in Figure-3, which is the type of project selection as we have seen previously, that the broadcast group, the broadcast range and bomb, which we will discuss one by one.


1. Broadcast Group

As the name suggests, the broadcast group, which sends a text message to many destination number collected in a group. Earlier, we must first create a group that we want to send a message. To do that, open the Groups menu, as shown in Figure-4. On the menu groups are shown in a list of groups (if you created earlier) that we can use as a target to send the message. If you want to create a new group, then press the "Create New" button, then it will appear a form to fill in the name and description of the group, as shown in Figure-4. Then, fill in the name and description of the group, and press the save button.

After we managed to create a new group, then we need to enter the number of contacts to the group that we have made, by tapping a button with a wrench icon, it will open the details of the group, as shown in Figure-5.

At the group details, as shown in Figure-5,  we see there is a form the group name, group description and a few buttons on the bottom of the form, and also a list of group members. Here we can change the group name and group description then save it by tapping the save button (1). To add a group member, tap the plus button (2), then it will switch to the activity that displays a list of contacts as seen in Figure-6.


At this activity, we are presented with a list of contacts drawn from the device. For ease of use,  there is provided a filtration facility (1). To add numbers to the group, tap the contact name in the list, then the contact will be expanded to display the list of numbers, as shown in Figure-6 (2). Tap the plus button located on the right of the number you want to add, then the number will be added to the group. If you are finished, press the back button.

Then we go back to the menu group details. Once we add numbers to the group members, it should be listed on the group members as shown in Figure-5. And if you want to delete one or more numbers from a group, simply tap the trash button (4) which is located to the right of the number you want to remove. If we want to remove all members of the group, then tap the trash button at the top (3).

Up here is enough tutorial to manage a group, in example create a group, edit a group, add group members and remove group members. Then we can continue the process of creating a project group broadcast.

After we managed to create a group and add some numbers into it, then we can create a project group broadcast. We go back for a moment to picture-3, then select "Broadcast Group", it will display a pop-up contains a form as shown in Figure-7.

When all is ready, make the project a broadcast group is easy, as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Fill in the project name as you wish.
  2. Tap the "Select a group", it would appear the group options that we created earlier, select the desired group.
  3. Fill in the message to be sent.
  4. Save by tapping the save button.
After the project "Broadcast Groups" that we created successfully saved, it will appear on the list of projects as seen in the figure-8. In the project we created earlier, tap to expand the details of the project, it will show the status of the project, the group name, text message, as well as a pause button and a delete button. To start the project, press the pause button, the text on the button will change to "Running" and also the project status will change to "RUNNING", meaning that the project is running to send a message to the destination number.

2. Broadcast Range

In the project "Broadcast Range", the principle is the same as the broadcast group, one message is sent to multiple numbers. However, the list of numbers is not taken from the list of a group, but is generated from a range of numbers we want, for example, from 081200 to 081299, it will be generated as many as 100 numbers (0-99).

It is very easy, as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Go to the Project menu.
  2. Tap the button "Create New".
  3. Select "Broadcast Range".
  4. We will see the form as shown in Figure-9.
  5. Fill the form with the project name, start number, end number, text message as desired, then tap the save button.
As in other types of projects, we need to press the switch to run the project Broadcast Range.

3. Bomb

Unlike the two previous projects, the project "Bomb" send the same message in large numbers to a single target number. Maybe there are wondering, for what the "SMS bomb"? When it comes to reason, could be to examine how the SMS gateway durability, maybe. :D Okay, apart from what would be used for, the issue was left to the user, all depending on the users.

Okay, enough preamble. Now we are all part of the project "Bomb", how to utilize the features of "SMS Bomb" of this application. As with other projects, to the project menu, then:

  1. Tap the button "Create New".
  2. Select "Bomb".
  3. It will appear a form as shown in Figure-10.
  4. Fill the form with the name of the project, the target number, count messages, text messages
  5. Tap the save button.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Running Our Application

Once we create a project, of course we need to run the application that we have made. To do that, we need to make a run configuration in a way to the menu Run -> Run Configurations. In the left pane, double-click Android Application, it will be made a new run configuration.

Monday, February 2, 2015

My First Application

Start creating android application is very easy. Everything starts from a step, though just make android application project. Okay, we start from how to make our first android application.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fly, fly, fly...

This game is the first product from the Meranti Studio. An arcade game genre is just rely on dexterity, minimal brain teaser and strategies. Enough to fill the time, relieve boredom.

Get it on Google Play